Mini Bluetooth RC gamepad& selfie shutter timer

Mini Bluetooth RC gamepad& selfie shutter timer

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Mini Bluetooth remote control gamepad& selfie shutter timer



Size: 73mm x 31mm x 13mm

Wireless: Bluetooth 3.0 compliant

Wireless Distance: 2-10m

OS: Android/iOS/PC

CPU: ARM968E-S Core

Battery: Li-battery 3.7V 180mA

Continuous Time: About 40 hours

Working Current: 0.5-4mA

Standby Current: 0.5-1mA

Charging Current: 5V <200mA

Shutdown Current: <20uA

1. The mobile timer is how to use?

Answer: use the timer method is very simple, pull switch located in the KEY, press START boot into take the keyboard mode, I (ios) used for the iPhone, the photo (or part of the android phones) take pictures of a (android) for android,

To determine the key or menu

2. Handle how to use the MINI game?

A: support android/PC (GAMEPAD): NES/GB/GBC/s f c/SMD/N64/PSX/MAME;Android APK game, iOS:iCade game

Tens of thousands of classic game can't use touch screen operation are available this bluetooth game controller

3. bluetooth remote control have what use?

Answer: can control the TVBox with bluetooth, TV Set, support for reading e-books, wireless mouse, music control

4. The timer is suitable for what kind of phone?

Answer: as long as the android system version 4.0 or above 4.0 version can use system is also the perfect support

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