Intelligent Dual frequency electronic mouse repellent

Intelligent Dual frequency electronic mouse repellent

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Intelligent Dual frequency mouse repeller electronic mice driving device    
Product Name: Ultrasonic mouse repeller
SKU: N152412
Model: YD-M1
Power supply voltage: AC220V
Power consumption: 5W, sustainable use
Frequency range: 25kHZ-45kHZ
Specifications: 190X130X90mm
Coverage: 30 meters in diameter
Colour: Black
Ultrasonic wave, bionic wave, automatic frequency conversion
Range: the room without barriers or obstacles can reach 200 square meters
Product Features:
Super ultrasonic function: This product releases strong ultrasound, and the frequency constantly change, can play a role for a long time.
Personalized lighting effect: This product uses dual-light mode,  can produce special light at night, increase the panic sense for mice, thereby increasing the drive effect.
Special quality materials: strong, durable, normal use life expectancy is up to 10 years
This product is purely physical deworming, no radiation on the human body, no noise. Mainly for using to drive rats, and also have certain inhibitory effect to cockroaches and spiders.

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