2.4G RF Air Smart dual-function wireless Mouse keyboard

2.4G RF Air Smart dual-function wireless Mouse keyboard

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Name: Air Smart Mouse

MEASY RC12 is an air mouse which integrated dual-function wireless keyboard and air mouse .RC12 has solved the problem that the mouse and keyboard should be separate and placed on the desktop to operate. The keyboard of RC12 used QWERTY layout, including the all function buttons and character buttons of the standard keyboard. It is very convenient to use. The touch pad of RC12 can provide the accurate positioning of the mouse pointer. RC12, which used 2.4G wireless technology, can control the mouse pointer position and input keyboard character in the air when you hand it gently.

1.  High sensitive touching pad , can manipulate convenient, like a notebook touchpad

2.  QWERTY keyboard layout. Can be inputted with full buttons of the keyboard.

3.  Connected with USB2.4G RF wireless ,can be used immediately when plugging , the         maximum distance can up to 30M

4.  Embedded internal codes, one-on-one yards, with strongest anti-jamming performance.

5.  Integrated multimedia cases function of Windows (GOOGLE TV hotkey)

6.  Dry batteries No.7. Can be used in all countries without worries.  


RF radio frequency:2.4G RF

Power: Dry batteries No.7 ,1.5v

Buttons life:1500,000 times

Main components: remote control + USB receiver

The working current of the USB receiver(A):about 21.5A

The working current of the remote controlreceiver (A): about 20mA


Signal transmission mode:2.4G RF

keyboard layout: QWERTY American standard keyboard ( can be modify according to the customers’ requirement )

Support operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / MAC / Linux / Android

Power save time of the mouse:2minutes


Size(L*W*H): 65x31x205 mm

Weight:  155 g        


Use description:

●  The life for the all buttons of the air mouse RC12 is more than 1.5 million times, these buttons can save energy and protect environment too.

● When the mouse stays more than 2 minutes without working, RC12 will go into hibernation itself.

● RC12 uses the generic AAA batteries, it is convenient for the user to purchase and replace the batteries, which avoid the using life problem of the built-in Li-ion battery .

● The air mouse RC12 use 2.4GHZ wireless transmission technology. The superior gaming experience, smooth operation experience brings more surprise to you.

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