men digital fishing barometer altimeter thermometer watch

men digital fishing barometer altimeter thermometer watch

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Technical Parameters 
Measuring range: 300hpa to 1100hpa (8.8 to 32.6inHg)
Resolution: 0.1hpa
Units: Millibar and Inhg convert to each other
Pressure change trend chart: Record the trend of air pressure over the past 24 hours
Air pressure trend arrow: predicts the trend of air pressure in the next 24 hours
Fishing point data record: Record fishing point pressure, temperature, depth of fishing and recorded time
Fishing points: can intelligently track 6 fishing spots
Fishing time reminder: LCD icon will be displayed on the screen
Measuring range: -2296 ft to 29500ft ( -700m to 9000m)
Resolution: 1m/3ft
Height measurement: Sea level height measurement / Climbing height measurement
Units: M and Ft can be converted to each other
Measuring range: -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Resolution: 1°C / 1°F
Units : °C and °F can be converted to each other
Weather forecast
Forecast range: Forecast weather conditions for the next 12 hours to 24 hours
Forecast 4 weather conditions: sunny- sunny to cloudy - cloudy - rain
Time and date
Display mode: 24H or 12H display mode
Competition countdown management: up to 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds
Throwing frequency time management: freely control the throwing frequency
Display mode: EL backlight
Waterproof: 3ATM waterproof
Weight : 47g
Size:  45 X 10mm
Function & Features
 ● 6 groups of fishing point pressure intelligent tracking
 ● Applicable air pressure icon automatically reminds
 ● Throwing frequency time management function
 ● Altimeter (altitude / relative height) / barometer / thermometer
 ● Weather forecast / time / date
 ● Maximum 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds countdown
 ● Three-day historical pressure data and temperature difference record
 ● Open fishing point water depth manual recording function
 ● 24-hour air pressure change chart
 ● Air pressure change trend arrow indication
 ● EL backlight, button prompt tone
 ● 3ATM waterproof

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