Mini USB DVB-T Digital Mobile TV Tuner Receiver For Android

Mini USB DVB-T Digital Mobile TV Tuner Receiver For Android

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Interface:USB 2.0
Signal:75 Ohm Digital TV Antenna Input
Receive Frequency:DVB-T: 474 ~ 858 MHz(UHF)
Punctured Codes:1/2, 2/3, 3/4 4/5, 5/6 and 7/8
Guard interval:1/4,1/8, 1/16 or 1/32
Bandwidth:6/7/8 MHz
COFDM Mode:2K, 8K
Receiver size:27mm(L) x 18mm(W) x 7mm(H)
Antenna maximum length:210mm
Turn your Android device into a mobile television!  
Use special App with android HDTV device to enjoy live broadcast anywhere you go. 
Simply download the free android app to your android device and connect  the ultra-compact TV tuner to the connector port. Open the app, pick a channel, and start watching. That’s all there is to it. 
*  Receive free digital TV on your Android device 
*  No internet connection required
* Support DVB-T & ISDB-T 
*  Battery-less design 
*  light-weight 
*  Special Free App for Android
*  Watching while recording
*  Support HD channel  
System Requirements:
*  Android device with a dual-core CPU and NEON s
*  Android 4.0.3 (“Ice Cream Sandwich”) or later
*  DTT/Freeview/DVB-T coverage 
*  Encrypted programs and DVB-T2 broadcasts
*  Android device need support USB OTG
With this mini Micro USB HDTV DVB-T Receiver,you can watch DVB-T TV on Android Phone/Pad with USB OTG.It's so convenient that you can watch TV channels everywhere and you won't miss live shows and matches!
You need to know whether DVB-T is in your local. No DVB-T, this product can not be used. This product just support DVB-T. DVB-T2 and ISDB-T can not support!

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