digital fishing 30ATM waterproof sports barometer watch

digital fishing 30ATM waterproof sports barometer watch

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Fishing Barometer Competitive FR704A is a professional fishing barometer specially designed for fishing competitions and fishing enthusiasts. In addition to intelligent tracking of 6 fishing spots, 24-hour air pressure trend analysis, 3 weather pressure, temperature history, altitude, temperature, time, weather forecast, etc., it also includes fishing enthusiasts playing Special professional analysis functions such as intelligent countdown reminder function and throwing time management.

Measuring range: 300hpa to 1100hpa (8.8 to 32.6inHg)
Resolution: 0.1hpa
Unit: Millibar and Inhg convert to each other
Pressure change trend chart :Record the trend of air pressure over the past 24 hours
Air pressure trend arrow: predicts the trend of air pressure in the next 24 hours
Fishing point data record: Record fishing point pressure, temperature, depth of fishing and recorded time
Fishing points: can intelligently track 6 fishing spots
Air pressure correction
Fishing time reminder: LCD icon will be displayed on the screen
Measuring range: -2296 ft to 29500ft ( -700m to 9000m)
Resolution: 1m/3ft
Height measurement: Sea level height measurement / Climbing height measurement
Unit:M and Ft can be converted to each other
Measuring range: -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Resolution: 1°C / 1°F
Unit: °C and °F can be converted to each other
Weather forecast
Forecast range: Forecast weather conditions for the next 12 hours to 24 hours
Forecast 4 weather conditions:Sunny - Sunny to cloudy - Cloudy - Rainy
Time and date
Display mode: 24H or 12H display mode
Competitive countdown management :up to 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds
Throwing frequency time management: freely control the throwing frequency
Display mode: EL backlight
Waterproof :3ATM waterproof
Battery :CR2032 1 pcs)
Weight 47g
Size 45mm X 10mm
Material: ABS+PU

 ● 6 groups of fishing point pressure intelligent tracking
 ● Applicable air pressure icon automatically reminds
 ● Throwing frequency time management function
 ● Altimeter (altitude / relative height) / barometer / thermometer
 ● Weather forecast / time / date
 ● Maximum 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds countdown
 ● Three-day historical pressure data and temperature difference record
 ● Open fishing point water depth manual recording function
 ● 24-hour air pressure change chart
 ● Air pressure change trend arrow indication
 ● EL backlight, button prompt tone
 ● 3ATM waterproof

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