MEASY RC16 Bluetooth Built-in Gyroscope Air smart mouse

MEASY RC16 Bluetooth Built-in Gyroscope Air smart mouse

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Name: Air Smart Mouse

MEASY RC16 Bluetooth air smart  mouse, with full functions of the traditional keyboard and mouse. The using function in the air can make you stay far from the computers and TVs. Only if you waving the mouse in the air, then you can quickly convert it into cursor movement on the screen. 3D+Gyroscope perfect combination, make users can operate it accurately by 360 degrees freely .Hand-held operation makes you feel comfortable, convenient, completely avoiding the disadvantage that the traditional mouse must be used on the stillness of the desktop or muse be operated by the infrared remote control buttons, allowing you never feel tired when you lying to play on the computer and TVs, It makes you relax well ,control your computer, TV entertainment easily.

1. Bluetooth 3.0

2. Distance can be up to 15 meters

3. Built-in Gyroscope

4. Keyboard + mouse layout       

Size(L*W*H): 65x31x205 mm

Weight:  155 g  

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