mini Mpow ground loop noise Isolator noise filter

mini Mpow ground loop noise Isolator noise filter

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Size: 2.01 * 0.59 * 0.59 IN
Weight: 300g
ELIMINATING BUZZING NOISE : Completely eliminating the buzzing noise, caused by ground loops which happens when the audio source and the speaker use the same power source in some car speakers / home stereo systems when using the Bluetooth receiver.
WORKING PRINCIPLE : The working principle of this noise isolator is to achieve a clear speech/music by eliminating the current noise in some car speakers / home stereo systems.
COMPATIBLE MODELS : Works with any portable device that has 3.5mm audio jacks, for your Car Audio System/Home Stereo, when grounding issues persist. Also used with a Bluetooth receiver/Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit in your Car Audio System/Home Stereo.
COMPACT AND PORTABLE : Being so mini and light-weight (2.01*0.59*0.59 IN, 0.99 OZ), this little gadget does not take much space and can be easily taken away.
NOTE: The Ground Loop Isolator connect to the AUX Jack in car to eliminate noise.You will enjoy good quality sound when use it with Ground Loop Noise isolator. 
Mpow Ground Loop Noise Isolator for Your Car Audio System/Home Stereo with 3.5mm Audio Cable
Eliminating Humming Noise: 
If you've got your radio, iPod, MP3 player, Bluetooth receiver or similar audio equipment plugged into your car stereo with an audio cable and you're getting audio hum noise caused by ground loops, you need Mpow isolator work together so that you can enjoy high quality music.
Forget about the annoying noise!

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