human infrared induction USB lithium battery Led light

human infrared induction USB lithium battery Led light

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human infrared inducton USB lithium battery Led  light 
name:LED infrared sensor light
SKU: USB0406
Induction Way: human infrared sensor
Induction Control: Built-in light sensor (photoresistor)
Induction distance: 3-5 meters within the scope of
Induction angle: 120 degrees or less
LED life: 80,000 hours or more
LED Power: 0.8W
Light Color: white / warm light (optional)
Operating Current: 120 mA
Operating voltage: DC3-6V
Standby current: less than 50UA
Battery Capacity: 500mAh (A product battery, enough)
Battery life: 400 charge to enlarge
The number of times the battery fully charged to use: more than 600 times
Delay time: 15 seconds (15 seconds less than human infrared sensor sensing range automatic lights off)
The lamp operating temperature: -10 ~ 50 ℃
Product Size: Length 195mmX thick 18mm wide 32mmX
Weight: 130 g
Suitable for bedroom, baby room, wardrobe, closet, cabinet, corridor, workshop, basement, garage, stairs, oil warehouses, roofs, doors, garage entrance and elsewhere.
Installation method
1. The double-sided adhesive stickers
2. Magnetic Base
3. containing instructions in English
Product acessories
1. 10LED Sensor Light
2.USB charging cable
3. English manual
4. Install a magnetic strip

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