Portable Led ultrasonic electronic pest control mosquito repellent

Portable Led ultrasonic electronic pest control mosquito repellent

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Pest Type:Pest, Mouse, Insect, Mosquito, Cockroach
Pest Control Type:Pesticide
Rated power:5-6w
Power supply voltage: AC90~220 (V)
Power frequency: 50~60 (Hz)
Protection area:80-120sqm
Plug Standard: US, EU, UK, AU
Function: Repel pest, mosquito, insect, mouse and cockroach
1. Installed in the ground 20--80 cm from the wall of the power outlet (home decoration left almost all of the power is this height), and the ground to maintain vertical (remember that the product can not be flat on the ground). In the absence of such high power need external socket, keep the product at this height and ground keep vertical.
2. The product is not within 1 meters of the height of the obstacle (that is not installed in the refrigerator, wardrobe, sofa and other objects on the back).
3. The product orientation should choose indoor more open place, but not long-term open doors and windows (ultrasonic is rectilinear propagation, will make the the diffusion of outdoor, attenuation indoor wave field strength and reduce flooding efficiency of mouse)
4. The product should be avoided on the curtains, sofa cloth and other items (cloth items of the ultrasonic absorption)
5. First of all products should be installed in the most serious pest region, when the region of rodent elimination after, then the product installation package of housing relative central position (such as living room) or where the mouse is the most easy to come in
6. The product should be used during the 24 hours uninterrupted work. In addition, you should shut the doors and windows open during the day at night, during the day when the mice steal away the window)

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