HDMI digital signals to RF analog TV transmitter

HDMI digital signals to RF analog TV transmitter

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Name: HDMI to RF analog TV transmitter
SKU: GWB-083102
HDMI to RF Coax Converter Adapter for TV - Convert HDMI digital signals to RF Analogo signals
Display your DVD/Blu-ray player, game console, set-top box or PC computer with hdmi source device coaxial analog signal output on a regular old TV or show your multimedia document from your laptop to your audience via a large screen projector .
- HDMI RF signal transmitter - HDMI coaxial output, long-distance signal transmission can be used in different rooms through coaxial cable.
- RF Coaxial Converter - Outputs only analog signals, image quality will be lower than RF analog signals (more like 480p); not applicable to ATSC format!
- HDMI RF Modulator with Remote Control - You can use the remote control to switch the output screen up and down as well as amplitude, brightness, contrast and chrominance.
- Note: Please check the format of your TV support before placing an order, because this converter only outputs four TV formats: PAL-BG, PAL-1, PAL-DK and NTSC-M. If your TV does not support 4 of them. Kind, the converter does not work!
And the device can't work in reverse; support input HDMI resolution: 480I / 480P / 576I / 576P / 720P / 720I / 1080I /1080P.

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