24 led solar body motion Infrared sensor yard wall lamp

24 led solar body motion Infrared sensor yard wall lamp

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24 led solar body motion Infrared sensor yard wall lamp 
Name: solar motion senlor light
material: metal + plastic (sandblasting paint)
Solar panel:0.44w
Li-ion battery : 3.7V  800mah 
LED: 6PCS, SMD50550   
Colour: white
Weight: 198g
Light mode: Dark/DIM/Bright
DIM: weak lighting for saving power when mo motion 
Bright: motion activate for lighting when people walk near
Delay time: 20 seconds 
Sensor sensitivity distance: 3m
Operation lnstructions:
1. Unlock and activate the device
The intemal battery is locked from factory for safety shipment, so users have to use supplied Key pin to click the”on/off” socket  and  untock the battery and lighting system.
2 How to lnstall the device?
Please use the supplied Expansion pillar-hinge and screws to mount the device on Pole or wall anywhere outside you want for lighting.
3.Charging via solar panel:
Please install the unit face south and make sure the solar panel can get the good sunligth directly without any shelter or glass, Normally it can be fully charged in one day under ideal bright sunlight
4.Night sensor function
It will auto tum on Dim light when in darkness or at night,and auto tum off when in daytime or bright area 
5.Dim light mode
In order to save power, it will auto tum on Dim light when mo mobon over there, but the brightness also can work as signal light
6.Bright light mode
When people walk around 2 meters close, it will tum on bright light
1.Keep the device away from fire,water and moist places in order to avoid explosion,leakage. Moisture
2.Any severe shock to the chargeis not recommended
3.No one except professional techincians should attempt to disassemble the chargeer in order to avoid damaging the charger ,
Special Note:
1.Please fully charge the device before first use 
2.If there is no good sunlight in 3 months,the battery may be out of power ,so you have to charge it bu bright sunlight 
3.When it is fully charge,please use Supplied Key Pin to unlock the devica arid lighting soon,otherwise the device will stop working soon
4.If there is no good sunlight or in winter sunlight,especial in North countnes it may take longer time to fully charge the device and this is very normal for solar products 
Package include:
1.Key pin :1pc
2.Expansion pillar-hinge 2 pcs
3.Screws 2 pcs

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