USB3.0 to SATA hub hard driver converter adapter

USB3.0 to SATA hub hard driver converter adapter

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Name: SATA Cables
SKU: FTL-059
Material: PE+PVC
Cable length: 24CM
Support: support all 2.5"" SATA hard drives SATA I // II/ III
Transfer speed : 5Gbps
Application: desktop, laptop, tablet
Weight: 50g
Color:  black
This USB3.0 to SATA adapter allow you to connect 2.5" hard drives for easy file transfers. Instantly access your hard drive with all its contents. Transfer data at USB 3.0 Super Speed 5Gbps.
Supports USB 3.0 Super Speed and USB 2.0
Interface Standard SATA, Meets standards of Serial SATA  I // II/ III
Compatibility All 2.5" SATA Hard Drives
Supports Hot-Swapping and Plug and Play Function.

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