X5 Programmable intelligent Voice remote control Roboactor

X5 Programmable intelligent Voice remote control Roboactor

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kids toys programmable intelligent Voice Dance&sing Remote control X5 Roboactor 

Product Name:Roboactor
Product Size:17*35
Package Size:46*18*44
Age for:above 6 years old
Net Weight: 1.45Kg
Package Weight:3.51Kg
control range:within 3 meters
1X Roboactor; 1XRemote Control, 1X plastic drum , 1X manual

1 Basic action:
1 go ahead/draw back;
2 turn right/left;
3 arms right/left/up/down;
4 fingers right/left/in/out;
5 oblique to right/left .
Simple action:
1 hammering;
2 pick-up/throw;
3 arms stretch out/take back;
4 go forward/draw back/swerve/walking;
5 wake up
Complicated action: 
1 Sweep away something with hand; 
2 Arm to five different height and said"Aaay!"
3 Hammering and said"Hi-yah, gurr!”"
4 Back to you and said"dudu!"
5 whistle;
6 bulldozing;
7 Pick up small objects such as cups or balls with his ribbed pronged grippers;
8 Show surprise, the body back and oblique making funny sounds;  
9 When robot is switched on ,he awakes to move with a yawn, a stretch,a h-huh and then he is ready to go;
10 If he is not given any orders after a while, he will go to sleep and snore;                            

11 Carry  three series of  45 seconds pre-programmed performance program,
Show you half a dozen different kung fu moves;
12 If encountering obstacles , it will stop so that it will not  fall;
13 Bulldozers action.

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