G300 head mount super bass headphone virtual reality glasses

G300 head mount super bass headphone virtual reality glasses

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G300 head mount  super bass headphone virtual reality glasses
SKU: HY-G300
VR body material: high strength ABS + PC material
Headband material: TPU + Lycra, strap tensile strength
Face contact material: advanced flocking, hypoallergenic
Net weight:360g
Package size:219mm * 196mm * 92.5mm
Gross weight:502g
Lens diameter:37mm
Viewing angle: up to 105 ° (actually related to cell phone size and headband tightness)
Optical correction: aspheric design
Color difference: 0.39mm
Myopia adjustment: 0-800 °
Hyperopia adjustment: 0-500 °
IPD adjustment: 58-68mm
Frequency response range: 20 - 20,000 Hz
Maximum power: 50mW
Earmuffs: Ear-cap high-quality earmuffs 
Screen size: 4.5-6.2 inches
Phone size: 160 * 85mm or 163 * 82mm or less
Recommended phone size: 5.5-6.0 inches, resolution from1080p to 2k 
Features and Functions:
Support Bluetooth 3.0 standard wireless handle
Confirm, return key, volume up and down key, Bluetooth multi-function key /Switch button / Android mouse function
Passed 5 kg / 5 seconds test
Breathable anti-perspiration; removable design, easy to remove and clean before using.
3.5 mm headphone jack

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